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Glee Goes To The Movies

Because we can't do worse than the Rocky Horror Glee Show

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Ever watched a movie and realised the couple in it was boring? Ever thought that Mean Girls would be better with our three favourite Cheerios as the Queen Bees? Ever found yourself uncontrollably sobbing when you had the terrible idea of substituting Kurt and Blaine for Jennifer Cavalleri and Oliver Barrett IV in Love Story? This is your chance. If you think that Blaine would be the perfect Jake Ryan to Kurt's Samantha Baker, or that Puck is the John Bender to Quinn's Claire Standish, believe us, we do too. Whether you've always wanted to write an epic Star Wars/Glee AU with Finn as Chewbacca and Artie as R2D2, or whether you've been dying to work on a Jennifer's Body AU with Santana as the Megan-Fox-demon-girl, we're here for that.

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Dude, that's cool. It's like gay Braveheart.

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